About Us

Founded in Johannesburg in 1999 Komati Foundation is a non-profit organisation actively working to transform South African society in the fields of education, human development and social welfare.

Adapting similar and successful, proven programs from other countries, Komati Foundation aims to engender in learners and young professionals a lasting commitment to both personal and social development, thereby creating a virtuous circle of transformation with real medium and long-term benefits to society.

Komati Foundation’s work is open to all persons without regard for race, gender, creed or culture. Activities of a spiritual nature that take place in the premises owned by Komati Foundation are entrusted to Opus Dei.


We aim to foster a society where:

  • Each individual is welcomed, nurtured and supported so as to develop her/his unique talents and personality to the fullest extent;
  • Each person works not only for her/his own edification and success, but has a lively and positive spirit of community and social responsibility;
  • Each person is exemplary in the fulfillment of her/his professional or vocational calling.

We believe that lasting improvements in society will be achieved if the educational needs of all its members are addressed in a holistic way. Individuals will then be able to live purposeful lives and in turn have a positive influence in society.